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Jessie was our faithful companion for 16 and a half years. She belonged to me, Gail, Stephen and her brothers Rob, Matt and Tim. We all live on the Gold Coast in Queensland and she shared a large part of the boys' growing up years.

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  • DaisysMum
    DaisysMum   Posted on Dec 30, 2010

    Thank you for your kind words and you are so right regarding the intelligence of working dog breeds. They are mind-blowing intelligent and by the time they get to a ripe old age, their vocabulary is so extensive - they have such a keen desire to understand exactly everything that is being said and seem to - Daisy ended up learning as a result of a long relationship I had with a Polish bloke. 

    I love your idea of a Christmas Ball in Jessie's honour - what a beautiful thing to do for her.  You know, in reading the various tributes on this site, including yours to Jessie, it has not only been extremely comforting for me to be supported at this very difficult time by a community of like-minded people who totally understand the grief that goes with losing a much-loved pet, but it also highlights to me how lucky our wonderful dogs were, too, to have such loving, caring and devoted companions in their own lives - it really is a two way giving and loving street and that's how the best relationships are made.

    Yes, you nailed Daisy's nature from her pics - she was ready to go anywhere and do anything on but a moment's notice.  She was extremely intelligent and so many beautiful qualities but what I loved about her the most, I think, was her sense of fun - even as a 13 year old, she had the playfulness of a pup.  How I will all miss those games!!

    Yes, may our girls both rest in peace.

  • DaisysMum
    DaisysMum   Posted on Dec 29, 2010

    What a lovely tribute - I feel like I know Jessie after reading it. I know what that "groan" you described Jessie making sounds like! My darling Daisy-Girl used to speak the same language when she wanted your attention.  She would become impatient after our evening meals (we always left something for her and she knew it!) and wouldn't allow us much conversation after the last knife and fork was laid down.  We would try to ignore her of course but she would become more and more "talkative" and we'd eventually give in (and she knew this too).  Like Jessie, Daisy used to strategically place her head under your hand for the never-ending face and head massage and would push your hand again if you dared to stop.

    Thank you for prompting such beautiful memories - they have made me smile despite my tears.  I have always loved borders and your Jessie was certainly a beautiful girl.

  • Burleighbuddies
    Burleighbuddies   Posted on Dec 21, 2010

    Received the Memory Stone and its beautiful - I've found a place in my garden, where it looks like it grew there!  I find it very comforting.  Actually, I've put it in just a place where she'd like to scratch up the dirt and have a roll around.  She loved doing that and then just relaxing in the smelly, cool dirt.  The stone sure does bring back memories.

  • Burleighbuddies
    Burleighbuddies   Posted on Nov 23, 2010

    I've ordered a memory stone from TalkingStones - I'm so looking forward to receiving it - I will place it in my garden and it will remind me of my darling dog everytime I look at it.

  • martimissingpops
    martimissingpops   Posted on Nov 15, 2010

    What a beautiful way to remember this special black and white furry lady. What a trooper,I laughed and cried. So sorry about your loss.

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