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Home and at Peace

Our beloved Chloe was put to sleep week ago sat 6th april at home, I had to make the desicion to call the emergency vet saturday night, terminally ill with cancer she took a bad turn, after almost 17yrs this past week1/2 has been hard an the house is so quiet without her. We had made the decision to hav her cremated so a part of her will always be here with us.

Pets at Peace came and picked her up from home, she was returned to us Monday with a 100% guarantee tht its chloe an only chloe. I think we all feel a bit better now that shes back home and now shes home she can be at peace knowing how much we all love her. Spiritually she will always be here with us.

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    Author Chloe Member since Apr 11, 2013

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