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Once was a dog named CHLOE

You had been with us for so long

it seemed you would always be there,

but then you had to say goodbye,

We never left your side, 

We kissed you, cuddled you,

and told you everything would be just fine,

you then closed your eyes for the final time.

             RIP CHLOE 

  • Chloe_003_thumb
    Author Chloe Member since Apr 11, 2013

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    • JulieC
      JulieC     Posted on Sep 18, 2013

      We lost our Mistral back in Feb this year.  She was almost 14 yrs old.  I know how you're feeling because we're feeling that loss and emptiness too.  How did you manage to put Chloe's photo in.  I haven't been able to download any photos.  Can you help?


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