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I have a new pug Duncan and a little girl on the way, Maggie.  Not a day goes by where i dont miss Dudley and Peggy and wish they were still by my side. Miss talking to them. Miss everything about them. I always knew losing them would break my heart, it has.   Duncan and Maggie will help me be happy again. But ill always love and miss dud and peg.

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    • dudleypeggy
      dudleypeggy     Posted on Jan 29, 2011

      May i also mention Frank.  A pug adopted. No longer wanted. Aggression with losing his pack (dud and peg) now he is an ANGEL. IF it wasnt for Frank, i would have lost my mind.  DONT WANT TO FORGET MY FRANKIE.....

    • dudleypeggy
      dudleypeggy     Posted on Jan 29, 2011

      I had packed Dudley and Peggys things away, in a tub, to keep. Theyve been in the lounge for a long time. I still have their jackets hanging on the coat hooks. Their bowls, their toys, their leads and collars, their beds. All packed in a tub with a photo of them on the front. I have maggie now and shes so much like peggy. She is from peggys breeder, however, not related but still so much the same. She will never be peggy but she has worked her way into my heart. Duncan, well, hes mummys boy. Nothing more needs to be said. I cried today, a lot. It felt so final sending Pegs and Duds things to the shed. I miss them so. I dont sleep well. I wake up dreaming. Seeing Dud lying there, knowing there was nothing else i could do and he was gone. Peggy i could accept as i tried everything. BUT i miss her so very much too. Duncan and Maggie carry Dudley and Peggys middle names. I see in them, what i saw in dud and peg. A love, unconditional, a love i can give back. A love Dudley and Peggy taught me, i love them for that. I miss them still. Thanks to all for your kind comments. Appreciated. Many dont understand do they? 

    • Karlene
      Karlene     Posted on Dec 21, 2010

      Good news.  I hope that your heart may once again heal and the unconditional love you will again feel will keep you warm when cold keep you up when your feeling down and secure when your lost.


    • katrina
      katrina     Posted on Nov 13, 2010

      Congratulations- wonderful news. I wish you many, many years of fun and love ahead. Dudley and Peg gave you so many years of happiness and they will never ever be forgotten. All the best as you start this new chapter of your life xxx


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