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Why we love our pets

For me, it is the way my pets never fail to make me smile. I look forward to opening the front door to see their enthusiastic faces. The unconditional love, the companionship. My house is not a home without them

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    Author katrina Member since Sep 17, 2010

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    • AllyandBonnie
      AllyandBonnie     Posted on Sep 06, 2011

      I love my dogs because they give unconditional love and are always willing to please you. They devote their whole lives to us, they're always so giving. Coming home to a wagging tail and shining eyes is simply the best. Nothing is better than being loved by a dog.

    • nadjar
      nadjar     Posted on Aug 02, 2011

      I have loved my pets more than I have loved myself at times, every animal, especially my dogs have been there for me since I can remember, giving me constant love and reassuring me that I am good person and loved without reservation, without question, throughout my life they were there for me as my friends and confidants and the children I never had and were there when the people around me let me down. They are trusting, faithful, fun and family, they simplify an often confusing and confronting world and everyone of them has a different personality, so thankyou, Timmy, Sandy, China, Blackie, Zachy,Shepy and Buster, my lovely dogs I miss you all and Jack and Kelly who are with me today. and My cats Tiny, Honey, Tumbles and Sir Puss, I love that when I was 10 years old Tiny trusted me so much that she had her kittens on my bed and woke me to show them off, I love my pets because they allow me to have a such a close and strong bond with them. 

    • Joanne
      Joanne     Posted on Jun 01, 2011

      My Roxy made me smile, laugh, sometimes she made me mad when she was naughty.  But I could never stay mad for long.  I absolutely adored her and she has now made me very very sad with her unexpected passing.  She was my "crazy little thing called Love"

    • Joanne
      Joanne     Posted on Jun 01, 2011

      My Roxy made me smile, laugh, sometimes she made me mad when she was naughty.  But I could never stay mad for long.  I absolutely adored her and she has now made me very very sad with her unexpected passing.  She was my "crazy little thing called Love"

    • babyboo
      babyboo     Posted on Mar 22, 2011

      Because he loved me for just being me and I him for just being him.  Miss you Monster x x

    • jodes
      jodes     Posted on Feb 11, 2011

      UNCONDITIONAL love... who else in this world gives us that???  No one l know...  My dogs, cats and any other animal whose eyes l look into - there is no malice, no conditions, just love and innocence... 

    • DaisysMum
      DaisysMum     Posted on Jan 17, 2011

      I have been blessed to have had so many beautiful pets over the years, including a horse that I had from a young child right through adulthood and whom I absolutely adored.  Some of those years were the best years of my life - he made my childhood and teenage years unforgettable. My pets have each, in their own unique way, taught me over the years so many invaluable life lessons, such as responsibility unconditional love, loyalty, patience, trust and living in the moment.  My pets have brought out the very best in me - each and every one of them - I can't imagine life without them.    

    • dbrphelps
      dbrphelps     Posted on Jan 07, 2011

      They are wonderful little creatures with such a pesonality all their own.  There is nothing like the love of a pet....Someone that is always willing to listen and love you no matter what.....My companiion and confidant was with me 12 and a half years.....that is a heck of a long time to be faithful and just a great little guy to have around..i miss him so very has been 5 weeks tonight....

    • tellgio
      tellgio     Posted on Jan 04, 2011

      The term unconditional love recurs over and over. I also believe it's because we can love them unconditionally. A dog will never say 'Where were you?" when you are ten minutes late. If you give them leftovers, they dont ask you for the veal cordon bleu. And when they are happy, they show it with their whole body. And that just makes the most tired and cranky of us smile. And also because they are the 'chosen' in our families. We dont have a say on our parents, our children or or siblings. but we have a choice in our pets.

    • katiert
      katiert     Posted on Dec 09, 2010

      My Til was my bestfriend and little soul mate.  She was the one who would without fail cheer me up no matter whate.  Her unconditional love and positive nature was a true gift.  Her kisses when I came in the door and her ability to light up any room she went into.  For her generous nature and never ending love. 

    • Totogirl
      Totogirl     Posted on Oct 27, 2010

      Unconditional love, having a friend who's always there, by my side on good days and bad days, their sweet and funny personalities always making my day better.

    • georgia99
      georgia99     Posted on Oct 24, 2010

      Georgia always came up to me when I was crying and wagged her tail and would nudge my hands to get a pat and that would make me laugh and sniffle up my tears. Now she's no longer here to get rid of my tears.

      Misty loves to show off all the time and is the snobby one lol. She always 'talks' when she gets excited and her tail is fluffy and funny when she wags it. She loves her walkies.

    • miloaussieguy
      miloaussieguy     Posted on Oct 16, 2010

      I loved him ,my border collie, and I know he loved me... theres no word really how you could descrive this kind of love...

    • suzyjeffery
      suzyjeffery     Posted on Oct 13, 2010

      The innocence and purity of animals.  Their loyalty and affection.

    • wemissumick
      wemissumick     Posted on Oct 12, 2010

      Their devotion is unconditional! 

    • alittlebitwally
      alittlebitwally     Posted on Oct 11, 2010

      I love my pets because they show us that things in life really aren't that hard - Happiness is truely a soft toy or a overused tennis ball.

    • mcgee_noble
      mcgee_noble     Posted on Oct 04, 2010

      It's hard to describe why i love my pets so much. My dog Fry is my best friend (although me and my husband fight for the privlige of calling us HIS best friend). I know that on my worst day, Fry will always make me laugh.

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