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Georgia's Story- welcoming new pets

When I lost my two Border Collies ,Susan and Sam I was totally devastated. Even writing this today my hands are shaking and I can feel the tears brimming in my eyes. I had lost my dearest friends and the sadness was overwhelming. My life changed,[ my collie life ] no more licks, no more walkies. no more joyous greetings after just taking the rubbish out, and no more games. Our house was quiet.
Thanks to Caroline Green and her beautiful Bojak Collies,we chose two beautiful babies.Bowie and Suzie.
On the day we went to pick them up, I was feeling very nervous,it was such a huge decison. They were gorgeous bundles of fluff, but something was missing. MY HEART.  It took awhile for me to realize that I couldnt replace Susan and Sam, they were my OLD Friends and these were my NEW friends. These beautiful puppies are now two beautiful Border Collies. Their love and zest for life ,and their love for me is boundless, and they now have a place in my heart.   .
To everyone who has loved and lost a lifelong pet, take the leap, open your heart, and let the fun times begin.
Georgia Denhamcreated at: 2010/10/02
Woof from Bowie and Suzie,
Heavanly barks from Sam and Susan, .