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A big thank you to everyone who has  joined Our Wonderful Pets. Many people have already posted  tributes and shared their special stories. The team at Our Wonderful Pets have read each and every one of them and we have all shed tears at your beautiful words and memories. We have also smiled a lot at the gorgeous photos and funny stories - thank you.

We will be making some significant changes to your profile page over the next couple of weeks so that it is much easier to understand and use.  At the moment you can send a personal message to any of the members by clicking on their profile page and then clicking on 'Send me a message" which is under the profile photo. No one else can read this message.

If you want to add a comment that is visible to anyone,, then scroll to the bottom of the profile page to where its says " Add your comment" We will be making these comments more visible on the profile pages when we make our changes.

I would love your feedback on the information we have on the site- We have lots of articles under 'get information' Have the been helpful? what else would you like to read about? Have we answered your questions?   You can leave a comment by clicking on the 'comments' link at the top of this page.

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