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Thur 28th

It is great to see so many people embracing Our Wonderful Pets- sharing your memories, thoughts and stories. I know a lot of people gain comfort just knowing that there are other people who understand.  Grieving your pet can be a very lonely time when you feel those around you 'just dont get it' but I have no doubt that all those who have taken an interest in this site REALLY get it. 

We have made some small changes to the way your member pages work and also the Forum in an effort to make it easy to use.I would like to encourage you to join in discussions, start your own topics and also interact with other members.  We have a function that allows you to comment on other people tributes ( found at the bottom of each tribute). It is nice for  people to know that their pet's life has been honoured and read by others.

I have been thrilled with recent media coverage about pet loss. Last week I did a segment on Today Show which you can see here  and yesterday, I filmed a segment on The Circle which had a great response. The word is slowly getting out there.

I have had many lovely emails from people saying the site has really helped them on their journey- thank you. PLease continue to give me feedback about anything you want more information about.

To all our beautiful pets who are no longer with us- you are always loved, always missed and will never leave our hearts x




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    Author katrina Member since Sep 17, 2010

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    • parchi
      parchi     Posted on Feb 18, 2011

      Thank you Katrina

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