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December 6, 2010

It gives me enormous satisfaction to see so many people embracing Our Wonderful Pets. l have had some lovely feedback and although most people visit this site during a time of sadness in their life, at least we now have a place for people to come together and share their stories. 

One of the emotions that people talk to me  about a lot is feeling guilty.  Guilt and pet loss seem to go hand in hand. We cut ourselves up because we feel like we failed our pets. Our pets rely on us for their basic care and they give us their unconditional love in return. When we are faced with euthanasia or if we think our pets death was due to an oversight on our behalf, most people feel guilty.

My colleague, Victoria Spence has written some articles about guilt. I hope these articles can help you understand why you feel the overwhelming emotion of guilt but also help you work through this emotion and forgive yourself for what you feel you did or didn't do.

Thoughts are with you all and the pets we love so much


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