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Lack of sympathy

On Saturday we made the very hard decision to put our beloved Mooky down. Over the space of a few months Mooky lost her eyesight, hearing and sense of balance. She had been diagnosed with cushinoids disease over a a year ago but was responding very well to treatment. That all changed in recent months where it was undeniable that she was declining very fast. She lost control of her bowel movements to the point where she would make messes in her bed, something she had never done before.

After the horrible moment where we had to say goodbye for the last time, i wasnt sure how i would feel. Definitely numb and later, hurting a lot, but the lack of sympathy from work colleaugues, who all knew of Mooky's passing has made it much harder. Although some of them have written messages on facebook they have said nothing to my face, pretty much ignoring me as i came in to work. The past few days have been the worst, as not only am i grieving but i feel like no one at work (where i sit for eight hours a day) cares. 

What should i do? Everyone at work knows how much we loved mooky, she was like a sister to me and i would talk about her all the time. Now not only am i sad but i feel deeply angry and hurt. I dont want to talk to any of my colleagues (some of whom i felt close to) and i dread coming in to work everyday as it makes my pain even harder to bear. 

Please help. 

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    Author Natali Member since Sep 12, 2012


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    • JulieC
      JulieC     Posted on Aug 04, 2013

      I've just joined this website but I understand how you feel.  It's quite possible that your workmates don't know what to say in case they make a blunder, so they keep quiet instead.  I've had to put 4 dogs down in the last 3 years.  2 were mine, 1 belonged to a friend and the other was a rescue that didn't turn out so well.  It takes a lot out of you emotionally, physically and mentally but at least knowing that you were with your beloved dog at the end and she went peacefully may help.  Time.  It's the only thing that can ease the pain and heartache.  Eventually it will ease and you will have memories to sustain you.   Take care.  Julie

    • Lilly
      Lilly     Posted on Sep 18, 2012

      Hello Natalie, I completely understand your feelings as we have just lost our baby lilly (grt dane from cancer) I feel sorry for the people who do not understand as they also cannot understand and feel the joy we feel when our loved one was alive. Time is the only thing to help and even then it will always be there which is good in a way as then Mooky will be with you forever. Just keep on talking and allowing the feelings to come and go without this hurt there is no joy. Juliex

    • shellrayb
      shellrayb     Posted on Sep 17, 2012

      hi natalie,  i understand how you feel, i know people dont really know what to say to me as i lost my little man moses today.  you just have to know that you loved her and that she loved you and that you will never forget her. cry when you feel the need and talk to her as if she was still there.  this is how i got through the bad days when i lost my other beloved pets and will be how i get through this devastating loss as well.  some people do not know what to say in case it upsets you and others are not animal people like you or i.  it will get easier, i can guarantee it.  take care shelley

    • joeker1
      joeker1     Posted on Sep 14, 2012

      Hi Natalie.

      I understand how your loss of Mooky affects you, as I have just had to put down my beloved Boxer Maxi. People outside your family don't  feel the same as you do. We treat our animals like children, and others just see them as animals. Don't be too harsh on them, as they will never see Mooky the way you did. I am still getting over my loss, and I  hope this note helps you, a stranger to me, get on with life.

      Chin up. It does get better.


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