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Contributing to the Community

Our Wonderful Pets is a site that aims to give our members a place to share not just your tributes to your pets, but also your thoughts on anything about pet loss and pets. You can share stories about your animals, discuss  tributes by other members, offer support to others or just start a discussion on anything pet related.

We encourage everyone to post your thoughts, questions, ideas and opinions in the Community area of the site- it's there for you.


On the top of the site you will see a tab called 'Community'. This is an area for you to post your thoughts. To post a discussion to this area you can click on the link at the top that says 'Post to our Community'. You will also see a button on your member page- just click on this to create a discussion.

This will bring you to a post page.

Step 1: Select the Category Community

Step 2: Select which area you want to post to eg Your Thoughts

Step 3: write your comment/question/thought

Step 4: Click create


To comment in the community just click on a discussion that interests you and write a comment in the comment field.