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Dog is grieving & needs help

We lost our Beautiful Beam in April this year 2014. She left behind her daughter and best friend who is 10 and is grieving.  She has just received a terrible injury, being a dislocated hip which tore all of her ligaments, and is only able to use 3 legs at this stage.  We are unsure of her future as to making a full recovery with her hind leg.  This horrific injury has taken its toll on Cola, to the point I believe that she has given up on life; which is ripping my heart apart. 

Can anyone suggest some techniques to use to help her overcome her grief at the loss of her mother and best friend, which has been compounded by her horrific injury.  I stay awake at night worrying about her mental health, which is as important to us as it is for humans.  I really need to make my baby Cola, feel better in herself so that she knows there is something to live and fight for in life.  I don't know where to go to get help for her, as she is my world, and deserves a happier mindset, than the grief that she is enduring.


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    Author OurGirl Member since Apr 09, 2014


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    • tanyaselby
      tanyaselby     Posted on Jul 18, 2014

      Hi OurGirl,

      I personally have not experienced a dog's grief to this degree (as I have always had several dogs at any one time), but have heard on a few different occasions of 'only dogs' suffering grief/depression severely...the suggestions made in each of these cases was to get a new mate for the depressed dog, and it seems to work and the dog seems to lift out of their depression/grief.  I think it must not only be grief of losing their best friend, but also the loneliness that they then feel compounding with the grief...but I am no expert in this area but that is what I have heard of working successfully on several occasions.  And given Cola is 10yo and just lost her Mum, it is safe to say that she has never been without a doggy mate?

      I hope you are able to work this out for Cola and she gets back to her normal self asap :)




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