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Understanding Grief

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  • QUESTIONS? ASK A MEMBER: Complete mess and Funeral arrangements

    Very long post I know, but you can read the paragraphs in italics if you don't mind reading a lot. Question about burial/cremation are the last paragraphs. I don't know where to start as i had my...

  • NOTICEBOARD: For all those affected by the floods…

    In the wake of so much destruction to lives, homes and treasured possessions, of memories lost and families thrown into turmoil, the extraordinary mobilizing of communities across the country to support people in flood affected...

  • December 6, 2010

    It gives me enormous satisfaction to see so many people embracing Our Wonderful Pets. l have had some lovely feedback and although most people visit this site during a time of sadness in their life,...

  • GUILT: Understanding Guilt

    What is Guilt? Guilt and its close cousin remorse are perhaps two of the stickiest and most painful emotions we experience. We experience guilt when we believe – rightly or not- that we are at...

  • GUILT: Moving through Guilt

    Some people say guilt serves no purpose and in a prolonged sense that is true.  However, at the heart of guilt is acceptance and self-forgiveness. The love of our pets is so unconditional and pure...

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