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Gone to be an baby boo

october 2006 - febuary 2011
Nicknames: Monster, baby boo, iccle head, chicken, jordy
Age: 14
Pet Type: Border collie
Lived: Nottingham -UK
Author: babyboo
Favourite Things

play shake,licking legs,teddy, FOOD,paper,lying under dads feet, walks with james,and his new wheels to help him run

Best Qualities

Just being Jordy Always there waiting for you, to make you smile and laugh. So intelligently stupid lol

Thank you my baby for being the best little boy that you could be, for 14 and a half years you have been there every day waiting for me and I miss you so much.  You have been my rock through so many of the saddest time and made the most happiest parts of my life.

You choose me to be your mummy, as soon as I walked in the room you came bounding up to me and wouldnt even let me look at another pup.   You took on such a little character, that I actually honestly believe that you never knew you were a dog and you will always be far more to me.

I will never forget the wonderful memories you have given me - you never missed a party and the gang all miss you so much it will never be the same without you.  No one to lick the person who crashes out first, no one to steal any food or drinks left lying around, no one to steal the toilet roll and no liccle head peering at me from the bottom of the bed.

I miss you winking at me, sticking your head on my laptop to demand fuss, your footsteps, the contents of the bin sprawled across the kitchen floor lol but most of all my baby boo I miss being your mummy.

You were such a little fighter even after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia 4 years ago you never let it get you down - and when you got your new set of wheels to help you run again it was wonderful - like seeing you run and play again for the first time.  Then 4 weeks before you passed you were diagnosed with haemolitic anemia and even then you never gave up ........ you were such a brave boy and fought to stay with us till the very end.  I just hope that you wernt to scared, that it wasnt painful and that you knew we were with you every step of the way.   I just hope you know we always tried to do what felt right! x x x

Nanny told me Robert is waiting to play with you my angel so go find him and he will take care of you till we can be together again.  Have fun my Monster, my iccle head baby boo

Rest in peace 2006-2011!/home.php?sk=group_24220948520 - the Jordy Fan Club

love mummy daddy and your brother James xx Daddy and James miss you to so very much.  The house is so quiet without you. x x x


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