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The world's greatest dog

14 September 1999 - 16 November 2010
Nicknames: Roley-dog, Roley-puppy
Age: 11
Pet Type: Labrador-Staffy X
Lived: Caulfield South
Author: Roley
Favourite Things

His loved ones, his bed, the beach, the car,

Best Qualities

loving, adorable, affectionate, loyal.

To our beautiful Roley, the world's greatest dog.  The gorgeous RSPCA rescue pup who came into our lives with one purpose:  to love and be loved.  You were, without question, the most extraordinary, loyal, gentle, loving creature that ever set four paws on the earth. You were so adorable, with your angelic face and a temperament to match.  An exquisite creation.  If ever there was a Universal Truth, it was that everyone loved you.  Now that you've gone, we've realised how much you were our energy source -- you got us up in the morning and were always there at night to make the stress of the day just melt away.  We miss your beautiful face; the way your tail "helicoptered" when you welcomed us home; how you hovered in the kitchen, ever hopeful of a tasty scrap; the joy on your face when you'd snuggle into your bed (or ours); how you checked on us through the night, just to make sure we were ok; how you were always there, with your unconditional love and devotion, every single day. Life just seems so empty without you now puppy.


That terrible morning in November 2010, we awoke to find you already gone.  You had slowed down in your final years but we never imagined you'd leave us so soon.  Our vet reassured us you passed peacefully.  It was your heart but there was no struggle, you just laid down and went to sleep. Leaving was on your terms and for that we are truly grateful -- but it didn't diminish our grief.  This was an all consuming cloud that still lingers as we struggle to come to terms with our "post-Roley" life.  You know, we often used to joke how you loved hellos but you were never one for goodbyes. Guess that's the way you left us; there was no fuss, you just quietly slipped away. 



It's now been four long months since you left us. Your bed is still in it's rightful place, our bedroom. Your toys and blankets are here too.  We think you'd like our little memorial stone that we've placed in the garden. It catches the sunshine just the way you liked to. You were the most extraordinary creature who brought nothing but love and unqualified happiness into our lives and the lives of everyone around us. You were the true definition of 'joy'.  We love and miss you so much...and will never forget you.

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