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Our Dog Ruby

24/07/97 - April 11 2010
Nicknames: Rubes, Sausage
Age: 12
Pet Type: Mini Smooth-haired dachshund
Lived: Wodonga
Author: Olivia
Favourite Things

Food, attention, cuddles, sitting in the sun, her family

Best Qualities

bossy, amusing, affectionate, loyal

Dear Ruby

Ruby brought me and my family many happy times. Whenever I was unhappy all you had to do was bring Ruby in and there was an instant smile on my face. Ruby wasn't the friendliest dog to people who were unknown to her; but that didn't matter to us. She was the best little dog in the world to us. When Ruby sadly passed away on that dreadful day, we were not the only ones who were unhappy. My mum's parents were just as sad as us as they had watched Ruby grow up, and formed a close bond with her. My dad's father and mother-in-law were also sad as they looked after Ruby when we were away, and they to had loved her. Ruby made our family complete in the 12 years that she was with us. She always loved us, no matter what the world thought of us. I am so happy that my parents chose Ruby as our dog. Ruby was the first to greet me besides my parents when I arrived in the world. As I grew older I grew a closer bond with Ruby; she was my best friend. I still cry to this day, looking at that photo of her, happily snuggled up next to my teddies. I would rather see her one more time then meet a celebrity; I just miss her so much. Our family will never forget our little sausage, and the way she made us so happy, forgetting everything bad in the world. Thanks for everything Rubes; we will never stop loving you, even though old age has taken you from us. Rest in peace little sausage.

I still remeber everything. i rember that night we came home from a birthday party, all happy without a care in the world. You were in your bed in the loungeroom. I asked my Dad why you were inside, as you were mainly an outside dog. He said that you were breathing funny. So i went over to you, and i realised Dad was right, your body moved up and down very fast, as if you were panting, but you weren't. I dont know why, but I got the camera out, and i took a photo with you. I would never hav know that that would be the last photo with you. We knew something was wrong, so we let Ruby sleep in bed with me that night. But I just couldn't sleep with her. I could hear her every breath, it was so fast, it wasn't right at all. Ruby was sound asleep very content on the best matress in the house. I told Dad i couldnt sleep with her breathing like that. It was too sad. So me and Dad slept together that night, but Ruby was still very happy sleeping on the royal matress. the next day happened to be a day where there was an anuall event every year in April, Paws In The Park. We always took Ruby. It was supposed to be a great day for her.But it turned out the complete oppostie. Our Uncle rang to see if we were going, but Dad decided that we wouldn't, because Ruby wasn't well. Mum said she was going grocery shopping, while we took Ruby to the vet. We thought every thing would be just fine....We got to the vet, and a man named Dr.Chris was going to be Ruby's vet for today (and he ended up being our own Vet, because he was such a great one, and a great person). He checked on her, and we realised she had a heart murmer. That wasn't too good, but he sent us home with tablets, and we thought our stress was over for the day. we had the tablets, and she would take them and get better. when we got home, mum was still out grocery shopping. Dad and Sophie got the playstation out, Ruby was on her pooh bear couch, and i was in my bedroom playing DS. i was in there for about ten minutes, when i heard Sophie panicking. She was saying, Ruby! Ruby!! and was almost crying. i ditched the game, and raced into the living room, but no one was there. Sophie and Dad were outside, and Ruby was on her dog bed. but she wasnt just lying there. i went outside. She was having a seizure. I couldnt look at her. It was terrible. Her back was twisted, her tongue was out, and her eyes had largened. We rang the vets, and they said to bring her down. We wanted Dr. Chris, se we drove to Albury, as he was at the Albury one at that time. We took her in, and he said it was to do with the heart murmer(i think). He said hav a walk around with her and give her some fresh air. I carried her, and we went outside. SHe eventually got too heavy, so i handed her to Dad. Sophie then said to Dad, "Daddy, will we hav to put her down?" Dad said no, not today. And he seemed serious. We didnt think she would be put down. Dad realised Ruby had pooed on him. she had never done that before. usually kids would laugh, but i was far from laughing. we went back inside. When we got in, we knew it was time. Dad rang Mum and told her the sad news. Mum came down immediatly. we waited out in the waiting room while Dr.Chris got everything ready. He called us all in, and gave us our time. there were tears, lots, even from Dad. Sophie was bawling. We prayed, we kissed her, we hugged her, and we let her know how much she meant to us. She was irreplaceable. When she breather her last breath, I have never been the same since. We buried her in the spot me and her used to sit in the sun, just the two of us. we buried her with a toy from Nanna and Grandad, as she loved them, and we still hav it on video on Christmas day when I was just a baby, and she was so young and crazy, her running around with that same Santa toy. We also buried her with some of our clothes, her collar, and she was layed on her bed. Our Uncle Paul made her a plaque, and I still go and visit her and talk to her. But that day isnt how I remeber her. I remeber her because she was Ruby. Our Ruby. Our beautfiul, amazing Dog Ruby. 


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