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Tribute to Chino

1999 ? November - April 14, 2011
Nicknames: Cheen
Age: 11
Pet Type: terrier/poodle cross
Lived: East Brunswick, Melbourne
Author: chinosdad
Favourite Things

My shoes, socks....sometimes my undies! Any tennis ball he could find on his walks...lost count of the number.

Best Qualities

Totally affectionate, loyal, considerate, non judgmental, funny, protective, sociable, great tail wagger.

You were the bravest dog I have ever known. As your vet said, you didn't read he book on how long you should have survived with just went on. even when you were in pain, and I know you were, your one thought was me and my succeeded! The hardest thing I had to do Chino was take you to the vet and "help you along". I think, and believe, that you knew what was going to happen on that day. It was a good day amongst so many bad days for you. I loved our last walk just kept going and going as if you knew it would be our last walk sitting down every 50 metres for you, you little toughie. With a smile on your face you just kept walking.

I miss you so much. I miss you on the bed at night....stretching out and taking over. I miss how you picked up that when I finished my second coffee in the morning that this was the signal for your first walk. I actually miss the way you used to run off with one of my slippers.....I still put them up high...old habits die hard. The way you would nudge me off the couch if I laid on "your" were so funny. The morning cuddles and tummy rubs before we got up. There are hundreds of special things we shared.

Above all else, I miss your unconditional love. No matter how bad my day, you were the one constant. You never judged and you listened to me....I actually think you understood me sometimes. I miss you. My tears still flow at the silliest and most inconvenient times. I have you photo on my's as if you are still with me...and I think you are.

Love you Chino.

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