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Bye My Beautiful Boy

September 2001 - 2nd February 2011
Age: 9
Pet Type: Rabbit - Lop Eared
Lived: Freshwater NSW
Author: nicii
Favourite Things

Having his nose rubbed. An open door to the fridge. Celery and grass. Occasional electrical chord to chew.

Best Qualities

So loving and such a great character - the greatest fluffy nose in the world and he had me wrapped around his little paw

I really do not know where to start, what do I say to you? You were so wonderful and I miss you so very much, words cannot say it, tears keep running and our home is so very empty without you. It has been only a couple of months and I still expect you to thump your foot and tell me you are coming in for some love.

Oscar was the best lop eared rabbit a girl could ever want.

Well lets smooth over the chewing of the phone chords and the remote control buttons that went missing - you were a just a little bunny and I put them in your way! What a silly human, still I learnt and learnt fast.

Nine years you were by my side, nine wonderful years. Everyday you were so happy to see the dawn and would wake me up with kisses and licks to my nose to wake me up and get more food. Each night you were there to say good night to and snuggle up to on cold nights -some still do not understand how you would thump your paw to tell me to move the duvet back and let you hop in. How sweetly you would snore while I rubbed your nose and sat and read till we were both too tired to go on! Remember when you were middle aged, you would actually sleep at the foot of the bed!

I know you had to go, it was time and I hate saying but I know - you were so very very brave and it all got too much - I know, still hard but I know. I just wish we had a little more time.

Now I have no one to share my morning toast with, no one sits on the sofa having his nose rubbed as I sit with the morning coffee. No one rushes up to the front door to check the shopping basket is loaded with celery and no one runs around my feet at the opening of the fridge door. I can open the fridge in total peace and I do not like it! I can even eat a cheese sandwich without being pushed out of the way to get to the cheese. And no one runs up to the hair dryer, knowing that one hand can dry the hair and the other can at least rub your nose - it is very odd even doing that without you. And I still cannot leave the hair dryer out during the day for fear the chord will be chewed, silly I know but I can not leave anything on the floor even now with you gone - all those years of making sure it was out of bunny range and I still do it!

I miss you so very much, miss your kisses, miss your smell, miss your fur all over the place - I simply miss you and I am so lost without you.

I love you too, I love you three, I love you four - I love you more.

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