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The Best Of Friends

Oshan and Lucy
- A week before Christmas 2010
Nicknames: Oshy and Lucy No...
Age: 4
Pet Type: Bull Arab and Terrier
Lived: South Penrith
Author: JenayaB
Favourite Things

All Chew toys. Especially ones that can be used in Tug of War.

Best Qualities

Affectionate,lively, both were very cuddly and always fun to be around.

The day they decided to have their very first adventure together after someone tried to break into our house and left the back gate open shocked me and broke my heart.

The only thing that didn't shock me was that they had died together as they loved each other and did everything together. You could not even separate the two for more than ten minutes or they would get upset.

Oshan ”daddy's boy".

We had picked the dog with the "lumpy" head out of a litter that was to go to the pound. Later we found out that he had a fractured skull, his jaw was out of line and a piece of bone had broken away from his eye socked and was floating around behind his eye. I promised him in that moment no one would ever hurt him again. He NEVER complained. Even when he had surgery to remove the bone. Everything was a joy to him as he was to us. He loved to swim in dams, run with motorbikes, his mummy and daddy and most of all his little soul mate Lucy.

Lucy "mummys girl"

We had a visitor come to our front door one day. His name was Dowser. He was a puppy that lived two streets away. My husband and I took him to the vet found out his address and took him home. Two day later he was at our front door again. So, we took him back again. He is a beautiful boy and I said so to his owner who pointed out Dowsers mum had another litter and we could have one if we would like. I thought about it overnight and decided to surprise my husband with a new addition to the family. I picked little Lucy up the next day and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She was a beautiful little girl with alot of energy. No matter what she did even if it was stealing my underwear from the laundry basket (which I caught her doing one day and am still amazed how she climbed in to it) she made us smile.

From the day Lucy was brought home Oshan looked after his little sister and I am sure he would have to their last moments.


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