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My horse Vinnie

Bar H Rare Vintage
25th February 1987 - 16th December 2010
Nicknames: Vinnie
Age: 23
Pet Type: Australian Stock Horse
Lived: Mourilyan, North Queensland
Author: jacqui
Favourite Things

Eating and sleeping

Best Qualities

You were so kind to foals and small children. You treaded those foals like they were your own babies!

You came to us as a 3 year old, with your bright eyes and shiny chestnut coat.  Such a handsome man!  You used to get so cranky when I'd rug you while you were eating your dinner.  Nothing should be importantant enough to interfere with your dinner!  A big hug always made you soften and go all smoochy. 

I used to love our dressage lessons, though I don't think you were quite so keen!  Our instructor used to say that you'd read the rule book then eaten it!  Competition days were always a lot of fun.  As soon as I tied you to the side of the float you'd pretend to go to sleep so you didn't have to work.  Lazy bones.  You always woke up when your fan club came to see you with food they'd snuck from the canteen.  No wonder you loved kids!

Our later years were special, wandering along the headlands in the cane fields.  Those cassowaries were a bit scary! You weren't very  brave, neither was I.

I was devastated when I realised you had a problem that would take you from me.  The time came when I couldn't let you suffer any more.  I'm glad that you are free of your pain.  The pain in my heart is ongoing.  Life without out you is empty.  There's big space that nothing can fill.  It's been five months Vin and I can't get used to it.

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