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My tribute to Gemma

4th of July 2003 - 11th May 2011
Nicknames: Gemma
Age: 7
Pet Type: Dog - St Bernard
Author: brooke9034
Favourite Things

Gemma loved nothing more than standing at the front gate, and getting lot's of love and pats from everyone who passed.

Best Qualities

Gemma was always so snuggly, kind and patient - all she wanted was for you to love her, and for her to love you.

My dearest sweetest Gemma,

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our family - your sweet, loving, patient and kind nature will always be missed, as will the big cuddles.

I can't believe it has been almost 8 years since we first met you - it was love at first sight. We were so excited when you came home with us; our first baby.

Life moved pretty quick - a two legged baby soon joined us. At first we were a bit hurt when we walked our new baby, only for everyone to stop and talk to you. But you were so beautiful, and loved a pat. You were always so patient with Immy, and then with Eloise when she came along not much later.  Next came a move to the country. We thought you would love the move to the country; living on 10 acres. The 2 years we spent there did involve a lot of time searching for you - who would have thought a St Bernard could climb a wire fence. I remember walking you and the piglet home, after one such adventure - I am still not sure who led who astray. Then we came back to the big smoke - no acres for you to roam, but lot's of people who stopped for a pat and a chat. You quickly became a celebrity in the neighbourhood.

And here we are now; missing you. We were told 2 - 8 weeks at the diagnosis. That was 16 weeks before we all made the decision that it was getting too much for you, and it was time for our final cuddles.

Thank you so much Gemma for all of the wonderful times together. I only hope you always felt the love and appreciation we felt for you. I love and miss you with all my heart.


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