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Tribute to Gibson from mommy

10-30-08 - 03-03-11
Nicknames: Bubzy
Age: 2
Pet Type: miniature schnauzer
Lived: with mommy in Ohio, United States
Author: Szee989
Favourite Things

chewies, walks with mommy, his doggie pals, chasing squirrels, barking at the deer, his blankies, sticks, socks.

Best Qualities

he was a gentleman. very loving, patient, social, generous except with his chewies, beautiful.

Gibson was my 2 yr and 4 month old miniature white schnauzer. He was beautiful...inside and out. I met him for the first time when he was 1 and a half weeks old. I held him in the palm of my hand...his ears were the size of my small fingernail and he looked exactly like the tiniest polar bear imaginable.

He came home to live with me when he was 7 weeks old. Gibson became ill soon after and it was a struggle for the next weeks to keep him alive. It sadly became a recurring theme for him throughout his short life. His mama was overbred and conditions were not so good in his 'breeders' home and thus his health was a situation I addressed with him on many occasions and we became deeply bonded... as I have my own health issues and we loved one another through the rough times as well as the great times!

Gibson went everywhere with me. He wasn't fond of the car as he dearly loved to take walks. Every morning we walked for an hour...and often visited the many parks and the bike path and woods. He had a unique habit of having to take something with him from home on each walk he ever took. Usually it was a chewie, but often he took a sock or even a pair. Sometimes he would take his newest toy and one day, I turned to look as we headed out the door and he had my bra! The walk was his joy...and mine!

He adored other dogs...he had more friends than any dog I had ever known. He went to a doggie daycare while I worked...and there were several neighbor dogs and family dogs that he came to share his days with. His first love was Daisy...who taught him how important sticks were...and all the many games to be played with them. Then there was Belle, the schnoodle, his same age who lived with my mother. They were life companions. And also, Satin and Lacie...his two dear friends from daycare that loved him with just as much intensity as he did them. And their mom, Cindy, was his second mom. She loved and doted on him the opportunity to have so many adventures! She was very, very special to him. They all spent lots of time together. Gibson knew utter joy, got to be a 'real' dog, ran, chased squirrels, cats, birds and rabbits and barked at the deer. He even met a toad that he befriended...curious beyond belief! He wrestled and tugged and hopped and dug holes and laid in the sun and jumped in the leaves and probably his favorite of all, burrowed and leapt and spent endless hours in the snow.

We had a birthday party for him on his first birthday and many doggie friends came. We had cake and ice hats. It was in celebration of his determination to make it through that first tough year after 2 major surgeries by the time he was 5 months old. It was so much fun and a joy I will never forget. Though he battled illness, he never had a lack of enjoyment, never complained and until he would have a bout, no one would have known of these health woes. I called him 'angel face'...because to me, he was an angel...and his eyes were deeply soulful and his spirit calm and loving...a true gentleman.

Gibson loved his chewies and was generous to a fault until it came to sharing a chewie. And his soft fuzzy blankets and beds were everywhere, even one in the car...he would do his bucking bronco dance and fluff them as he wanted them and curl up and be ever so content with himself. He made you laugh, cry, play, live. His kisses were gifts from the gods.

He was taken from us suddenly and shockingly after escaping with the other dogs one morning...and was hit by a car. The pain of his loss defies words....the knowledge that he only knew love, compassion, care and happiness until that time...speaks to me of a peace and a soft warmth that helps comfort me.

He was my 'angel face' and will be 'ever safe' curled here in the soft blanket of my heart.

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