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RIP Soda

10 July 2004 - 21 May 2011
Nicknames: Miss S, Pop
Age: 6
Pet Type: Tabby Cat
Lived: QLD
Author: sodapop100704
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I'm glad that you're not in pain anymore. No more swollen kidneys, no more cysts, no more tiredness. I am sad that you had to have this rare disease lovely baby.

You were my first cat, and will always hold a very special part in my heart. You were too young, we should have had a good few years yet. It's not fair, but I suppose life isn't fair....

We all miss you, especially Rex and I. He misses having another kitty friend. I will miss our nose kisses and cuddles, your welcoming purr and so much more.

RIP my darling Soda. You were loved and always will be. <3

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