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Tribute to Matilda

March 2009 - 27 June 2011
Nicknames: Mati, Matildina, Possum, Black flash, Nigga cat
Age: 2
Pet Type: Cat
Lived: Victoria
Author: Silvia
Favourite Things

Sleep on her white blanket, snuggle up with mom in bed, milk, observe the house perched on her scratch post.

Best Qualities

Loving, affectionate, independent, cuddly.

Dear Mati, from the moment I took you home for the first time, you meant the world to me. I had been in Australia only for a few weeks and then you came my way, you were so little I could hold you in my hand. I will never forget the moment you started purring in my arms, while I was holding you, sitting on the laundry floor. And I will never forget what happened at bedtime. I put you on your pillow and then I turned off the lights and went to bed. After a while I herad you climbing on the bed. You were so stubborn, you absolutely wanted to snuggle up under the blankets with me! I let you do it and I don't regret it. It was so incredible to fell asleep with you, this little squishy thing I was holding close in my arms.

After that, when bedtime came, you started to miew and to run toward my room. There was nothing in the world you liked more than sleeping with mommy.

Then when we moved to Ballarat, at the beginning you hated having another cat around but in the end Chico became your best friend. You were a very good and loving "older cousin", playing with him and cuddling and grooming him on the bed.

I think in your last months here, before that bad thing that took you away started to eat at you, you were happy. You liked to hunt rats in the drain and take them under my window. I know it was your way to say, I love you and I care for you.

Then you started being weaker and weaker. I was not so worried at the beginning. You had always been a small kitty. I thought your bad breath was due to dirty teeth. No problem, I thought, next month we have the vet check up, she will have her teeth cleaned then, no big deal. Oh my little possum, if only I could go back in time!

Then you started eating less and less, and I thought you were being fussy, as you sometimes were. "Are you still here, little possum? Haven't you moved at all, pigrona?" I used to tell you when I came home from work and I found you still in my bed, in the exact same spot I left you in the morning. And when you were so clingy and miewing all the time, I thought it was because you missed Chico.

Still, when the night came, you still climbed in my bed and under the blanket, and we slept together until the morning. I am so happy for all the times I almost was late for work 'cause I could not stop cuddling you.

And then that awful Friday night, when you could not eat. What happened next was a long, dark nightmare. The vet, the drip, the surgery, the long hours of uncertanty, and then that terrible sentence, the certainty I did not want.

The night you left, you looked like a little bat. You looked like you did the night I took you home. We ended our jouney together the way we started it: with you falling asleep in my arms.

I just wanted to let you know that you will be forever in my heart. We will still go together to waltz our matildas around Australia, until we find a place to settle. And when we do, we will be together, until we'll be together forever on the other side.

On the meanwhile, sleep, Matilda. It will only feel like a second.

With all my everlasting and never ending love for you


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