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RIP Adonis

11 April 2005 - 1 July 2011
Nicknames: Puppy
Age: 6
Pet Type: Belgian Malinios
Lived: Adelaide
Author: Yasminhs
Favourite Things

Catching, hide and seek, fetch, the beach, the park, and being with his people.

Best Qualities

Talkative, protective, fun to play with, always there for us.

Adonis, from the first day I layed eyes on you I fell in love.  I didn't know then just how lucky I was to bring you home with me.  You have been an excellent companion and a fabulous family pet.  

When I first brought you home, we spent hours playing and you lapped up every lesson I taught you.  Your intense concentration when we trained made teaching you a breeze.  You loved learning as much as I loved teaching you.  

Everyone that knew you enjoyed playing your favourite games with you - even if they did occaisionally want a rest!

When we moved into our new home you did your best to get along with the resident cat - you loved him inspite of his dislike of you.  When we added another puppy friend to the family you welcomed your new playmate with happy licks.  In fact any pet we welcomed into our home over the years, be it cat, bunny or guinea pig, was always welcomed, protected and played with gently.  You were the biggest of all our pets, and the gentlest.   

You adapted easily when Mummy and Daddy brought home our first human baby.  As she grew you tolerated her poking and grabbing fingers.  When she learned to play your games you endulged her in hours of play.  You were always gentle and never reactive.  

Adonis I can't begin to tell you how much we already miss you.  Over the past month as you gradually became more and more ill I prepared for this day, but you were too young to leave us so soon.  I am grateful that I was able to spend your last morning by your side as you have spent so many difficult times sitting by my side.  Sitting with you in the far corner of the garden as you told me that it was your time and that I needed to let you go, is something I will never forget. When the vet arrived to help you sleep you finally looked at peace.  

See you on the other side dear friend. xx


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