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Tribute to Bailey

24 September 2004 - 6 July 2011
Age: 6
Pet Type: Jack russel shitzu cross
Lived: Sydney, Australia
Author: zambeziblue
Favourite Things

Bailey loved his toys, having his belly rubbed or hopping up on the furniture thinking he was human

Best Qualities

loyal, entertaining, protective, loving, friendly



Life sucks when it doesn’t go to plan. And there are not enough expletives in the world to let you know what I think about the person who callously killed our dog Bailey in a hit-and-run last night. There, I said it. And as I sit here I simply cannot think of a strong enough curse or suitable punishment for someone who can extinguish the life of another without any hint of hesitation or remorse.

Although technically I should clarify that Bailey wasn’t our dog anymore, so the grief is now amplified by adding another family into the mix. Bailey’s new family have to deal with their grief too, as well as the fractured landscape of their home that no longer features the dog that had an uncanny resemblance to ‘Donkey’ out of Shrek, thought he was part human and part cat, and who was literally a ‘jackshit’ – a Jack Russel Shitzu cross.


Life doesn’t always go to plan. After 5 happy years renting a lovely house in Gladesville, the owner died and we had to find a new home quickly. No small feat as a young family with a 6-month-old child, 2 dogs and a cat. Try as we might, we couldn’t find a property to rent in our budget that would allow us to keep our dogs and so we came to the heart-wrenching decision to rehome them – but only together. We knew it was a big call, and we had always imagined our little boy growing up under the mischievous guidance of Gypsy & Bailey, consuming dog biscuits when he crawled into the kitchen, and navigating the occasional doggie landmine in the garden as he took his first steps.

I placed an ad on Gumtree, and was overwhelmed with responses. One couple took centre stage and we arranged a meet and greet. It went well, and within a fortnight, we had dropped our beloved dogs off at the their new home. It didn’t take long for them to adjust to their new life in the city’s inner west. We were told after a couple of months they stopped getting excited when they saw a silver station wagon or a lady pushing a pram up the street, expecting us to burst back into their lives at any given moment.

Although you would think it impossible that anyone could possibly love your beloved pets more than you, I think in this case, Bailey & Gypsy’s new owners truly did. Seeing them 6 months after they were rehomed cemented this for us, and we counted our blessings every day that we had been so lucky to choose such wonderful furr-parents for our dogs. It was clear to us that what had been considered treats in our home (meat from the butchery, sitting on furniture and sleeping on the bed) were now every-day occurrences in their new forever-home. My husband and I even joked about how they had died and gone to heaven, and that no dog could possibly imagine life being so good. These wonderful people who had embraced our dogs and welcomed them into their hearts and home also made a point of keeping in touch with us, relaying comical stories and sending regular photo updates so we always felt a part of their new lives. It was the happiest ending we could wish for given the circumstances, and I would love to end the story there.


Life doesn’t always go to plan though, and two years after taking Bailey and Gypsy into their home, these wonderful people had to call us last night with the heart-breaking news that Bailey had been killed in a hit-and-run. Not only are they consumed with their grief and loss, but they have the added burden of guilt, believing they have let us down. On the contrary, they gave our dogs a life we could only imagine when we were at such a desperate point in our lives. Together we will find a way to heal our broken hearts, and after nearly 5 years, Gypsy now has to live a life without her fuzzy partner in crime.

RIP Bailey, may you never have to growl at anyone again, trying to wake you up or move you from the comfortable place you now lie.



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