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MAY 1997 - 4 JULY 2011
Nicknames: BEAUBUS
Age: 14
Pet Type: DOG
Author: petshopgirl26
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To my beautiful boy Beau.  I love you more than life, you were with me for 14 incredible loving and special years.  So happy and intelligent and full of life, like a one year old doggy.  You fell sick queens birthday weekend 2 years ago with Diabetes and Pancreatitis and nearlly went to god I was devastated, your life was saved and I spent the last 2 years giving you the most special attention and love that you deserved to keep going in life, I gave you insulin injections twice a day which you did not like in the end, and I loved you to death and did all I could, I came home at lunch time to check on you every day for over two years and I never missed a day, I loved you more than anything in the world my gorgeous boy, I am so grateful that I had you for another two amazingly beautiful years which I never expected, you had many setbacks and visits to the vet to be put on a drip for days, I would visit you before work, lunchtime and afterwork.  Your visits became regular in the last few months, I would do anything for you, you always came home full of love and joy once again, but the last 3 weeks you had weekly visits and disliked the insulin injections more and more, mummy cried each time for your pain.  1st July 2011 you fell ill again and spent 2 days on drip, you were going blind from the diabetes, such a brave boy, last Monday a few days after drip you fell ill again Monday morning 4 July 2011, I was devastated and could not let my beautiful boy go through this again, I dont know how I was able to let you go after 14 beautiful years with you, omg I had to be strong for you my angel, I cried for hours before at the vet, I finally said goodbye and held you tight and you went to sleep peacfully to be with my beautiful Arrow who I lost 1 1/2 years ago also, I knew this would be the most devastating time for me losing you both so close, how could I go on without you by my side my beautiful Beau and Arrow, mummy loves you always and forever and I am with you for ever and eternity.  God Bless you my gorgeous Beau, I held you close for ages afterwards and I knew you were at peace and in a special beautiful place together forever with Arrow.  I love you and miss you and still cant believe you have left this earth, but with me forever.  One week on im devastated and in shock and grieving but i knew you wanted to be with Arrow now as well, and this will be a long sad journey for me, but we are always togther.  I Love you always my special Angel Beau xxxxxxxxxxxx

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