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Our Thumper, Taken Too Soon

28/05/07 - 20/7/11
Nicknames: Thumpy, Little Mr, Bunny Boy
Age: 4
Pet Type: Rex Rabbit
Lived: Andrews Farm SA
Author: ThisIs4U
Favourite Things

Soft Toy tiger he had from day 1 Cat Lounge that he would always chill out on Getting carrot when he stood at the fridge

Best Qualities

affectionate cuddly sweet natured a little bit too friendly with his mummys leg and hands :) clever and easy to train

Thumper, where do i begin? As our 1st pet I still remember the day we got you, i picked you out of the bunch and you just wouldnt stop licking your mummy and I and it was then that we knew we had picked the right bunny. We took you home and let you run around the family room while i built your hutch, you were so tiny and kept standing up against your bag of hay until you did a little wee next to it as if to say "well i tried to do it on the hay but its in there" We decided that you would be an inside rabbit and get full run of the house as it was a better lifestyle than being stuck outside in your hutch all day. We bought you a stuffed tiger for comfort that was a little bit bigger than you but you loved it and would lick it too.

The weeks that followed was nothing but cuddles and watching you run around so happy that you would do your little happy jumps everywhere. We bought you a cat lounge that you instantly fell in love with it and if you werent sleeping in one of our arms you'd be fast asleep on your lounge. You were so easy to toilet train as well, we would put your litter box filled with hay in the lounge room and you would always go in there and never on the carpet. Christmas time came along and you would just spend most of the day under the Christmas tree fast asleep, you were also getting a little bit naughty and dropping nuggets next to your litter box but they were easy to pick up so we thought it was cute. You absolutely loved running around with bits of wrapping paper in your mouth, shaking it side to side as if you were a dog and rubbing it on us as if to say play with me. Our backyard was just weeds as we were still sorting it out and i still remember when we let you outside and you ran through them jumping joyfully and we'd just see these little ears pop up now and then :) By far your cutest act was standing up at the fridge when it opened because you knew your carrot was in there, we got you to do it again when i had the camera ready and i will always cherish that moment forever.

Months later we introduced you to our new addition to the family, a dog named Chloe. You were very frightened at first sight and we were worried you'd have a heart attack when you were trying to escape through the bars of the pet gate we bought to seperate you two. You soon warmed to her and she was very good with you besides chasing you around the house playfully. You developed a little attitude around this time and looking back on it now, perhaps it was acting out of jealousy or hormonal despite treating both of you equally. You pulled up some of the carpet in the lounge room, would spray your mummy alot when running around her and you chewed through the telephone cord :) there was also the little habit you developed of chewing the corners of walls and skirting board. You also became very territorial with your food bowl and would try to scratch and bite anyone that got near it so one of us would hold you while the other changed your food. You also got a little bit too friendly with your mothers hands and legs, had that little noodle doodle out :)

You were a healthy little bunny and loved your nibble o treats we'd mix with your food until you developed molar spurs on your teeth that made you dribble and lose your appetite so we took you to the vet to get them filed down. I was so frightened of something happening to you during surgery that i would be looking everywhere on the net for info. Since the surgery every now and then you'd accidently bite your tounge making us think the spurs had grown back, only to be told by the vet that it was just you biting your tounge.

Last year our daughter Emily was welcomed into the world and you instantly warmed to her and would hop around her sniffing, once she got to walking and talking age this year, you would hop right up to her so she could kiss and pat you, she called you barbar and would wave or blow you a kiss and say bye everytime we went out and say nite nite when she went to bed.

Life was looking great and we were looking forward to Emily growing up with you and letting her hold you when she got older until the week of the 11th of july when we noticed you were dribbling again. Like i said earlier Thumper, this was a regular occurance with you because you'd bite you tounge and it would clear up within a week so we wrote it off as such as we did with the little bit of weight loss in your bum. The dribbling cleared and you were eating normally and still standing at the fridge waiting for you carrot whenever we opened it around you, we expected the weight to come back on but on the 17th of July we noticed a sudden weight loss and you had only eaten your nibble o treats and your dribbling was back, i woke up during the night on the 18th and gave you some water in a saucer and had a nice cuddle with you, you developed sneezing so on the 19th your mummy took you to the vet and you were taken away from us to be kept overnight.

........little did we know that would be the last time we ever saw you alive. You improved overnight but then on the morning of the 20th you crashed and deteriorated rapidly, no longer able to breathe out of your little nose, we made the decision to put you to sleep and would come say our goodbyes.......but at 11:50 just as we were getting out the house, we got the bad news, you lost the fight and at that moment a hole was torn through our familys heart.......our baby was gone :'(

We went to see you and say our goodbyes, cold and lifeless we stayed with you rubbing your little face like you loved, Emily kissed you and said bye, we told her you were sleeping Thumper and she said nite nite :'( I made the promise then and there that i would never get another rabbit and i intend on sticking to that because you were more than a rabbit, you were family and you cant replace family.

I'll miss you Thumper, Emily will miss her barbar and all of us will miss the little rabbit who showed us so much love and affection. We will hold the memories of you deep in our hearts but the hurt will never end. Taken from us too soon Bunny boy, i'll have a nice little head rub ready for when we meet again, we'll never forget you.

Love you forever xxx



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