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My regal girl

12/7/02 - 7/06/11
Nicknames: clever girl, Diz
Age: 9
Pet Type: fox terrier
Lived: Mandurah
Author: cammo
Favourite Things

tennis ball, rope, critters

Best Qualities

Loyal, freindly, clever, obedient

You picked me as your freind and was always a good listener and learned your clever tricks as a little puppy. My best little girl my best mate that always found what I was doing the centre of your world, you never left my side. You always did as you were taught you will be missed by me and everyone that ever meet you.

You got sick while i was on holidays and home for you so I could be there for you. You never let on that you were sick until that fateful day and was so brave. I took you to the vets and he knew you were very ill, but you never cried.

He said you had cancer and your time was up, you looked me in the  eye and you gave a little wag of your tail and knew it was your time. I gave your little velvet ear a little rub and said goodbye.

I miss you my baby girl sooo much and will run as fast as i can as you to me, to meet you at the rainbow bridge. I will give your little piggy tummy a rub like you loved and we will be together forever like old times

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