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Our beautiful girl

1997 - 5th July 2011
Nicknames: Grubby; aka Dirt Bag
Age: 14
Pet Type: dog
Lived: Brisbane-Atlanta-Geelong-Singapore
Author: halpink
Favourite Things

all toys would be destroyed, sooner or later, but she had a lovely time

Best Qualities

independent, intelligent, inquisitive, inspiring

To Emily

We knew the end was coming

But it was impossible to prepare

For life’s most difficult goodbye.

You made us laugh

You kept us on our toes

Just one of those great dogs, as the story goes.


You were always our good girl

You excelled at obedience and agility classes

We just won’t mention the window-sill, or the hand brake, or Kim’s sun glasses.


The beach was your favourite place

And it was here that you came alive

Over the waves you would follow the ball, not afraid to dive.


We joked that if there was an Olympic sport for sleeping

You would captain the team

You took it so seriously; on and on how you would dream.


To write a poem about you

Without mentioning cats

Would be to do your devotion a disservice, so here it is.. cats.


We thought you would get old and cranky

But you proved us wrong

Instead you remained playful and puppy-like all along.


Life was never the same for you

When you lost your best friend Beau

We too shared your loss, the depth of which we will never know.


You will remain in our hearts forever

For that you can be sure

Our very own “Grubby” will be a dirt bag no more.

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