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My Tribute to Buster

3rd July 2000 - 27th May 2011
Nicknames: Buster Boo, Busty Wusty
Age: 11
Pet Type: Dog
Lived: Lilydale
Author: nadjar
Favourite Things

Nylon Bone, hand crocheted blanket, snoozing on bed with mum. Grandad. Tummy Rub, Walks with mum/Jack. Zachy the Kelpie.

Best Qualities

Loyal, loving, obedient, placid, warm, knew when I was sick, didn't mind a lie in, good traveller, friendly. A Smoocher.

Buster I remember the day we got you from the RSPCA in Burwood, you were sitting on my lap and I was telling you what a beautiful boy you are and that is how you got your name, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy - Buster.  You brought me no end of joy and we were inseparable, everyone knew who's dog you were without having to ask.  You never complained or let on when you were sick, you were the most stoic dog I have ever known and we loved you even more for it, when you itched due to the atopy, when you got arthritis in your front shoulders and almost died with pancreatitis and then even up to the last three weeks of having stomach cancer you never let on and it was only the ultrasound that showed us how sick you really were, I am sorry for not picking this up earlier but you know as soon as we realised how sick you were we did what every owner dreads and put you to sleep.  Now you can be with Zachy and Shep and my Opa who loved you very much and who you visited and made his last days more peaceful and comforting than you could know, or maybe you do as you wanted to climb in bed with him and offer him closeness and warmth. Jack misses you but you will be glad to hear that he has Kelly our new Jack Russell x Border Collie Pup to keep him company and give him a hard time like he did you, you taught him well and he is teaching her what is expected, he misses you though and his happy he got to say goodbye to you before you left us completely. Buster your Mummy and Daddy love you very much and think of you always you have a very special place in our hearts and will be sorely missed, thankyou for being ours and for the joy and adoration you gave us and us you.  I will treasure our time together forever and have your many ribbons from you dog obedience accomplishments as a constent reminder of what a truly wonderful dog you are.

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