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My Best Friend

2/5/2001 - 11/8/2011
Nicknames: Pebs
Age: 10
Pet Type: Pug
Lived: Orange
Author: piney
Favourite Things

she loved schmackos, not really into toys, had mummy to cuddle

Best Qualities

kind, generous, soft, cuddly, intelligent

Dear Pebs

My darling baby girl, your sudden death has left a hole in my heart that I am sure will never heal until the time when we are once again reunited at Heavens pearly gates. I could not have loved you more if you were my own child because in my eyes thats what you were. To everyone else you were Pebbles the Pug, to mummy you were my beautiful baby girl that I loved with all my heart and soul.

I can only think that God needed a special angel and believed it was your time, I hope there was no pain as I endured it all for you and I hope that nanny was waiting for you so you did not feel alone. I love you my baby girl and I will always love you till the end of time.

The house is so quite now, it is a silence that is unbearable, just to hear a puggy snuffle and to have you to use as a pillow at night and to hear you snore, to know that I was loved unconditionally and that everytime I walked in the door you would be there, these are things that I will miss the most my baby girl, all I have are memories, which I will treasure forever, your smiling face glowed and even in my darkest moments you were able to put a smile on my face and I thank you for making me a better person.

You have been the greatest thing to happen to me in my life, we are soul mates and will be linked together forever in our hearts, not even death will break our bond

love mummy

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