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Our Little Hobbits

21/03/03 - 25/8/11
Nicknames: The Fat Hobbits
Age: 9
Pet Type: Domestic Short Hair Cat
Lived: Inner West
Author: thefathobbits
Favourite Things

Her favourte toy was a little felt ball "bally" she carried everywhere, even to her food bowl, he always went missing.

Best Qualities

she was so talkative and seemed to pick up on when we needed her, she was sooo affectionate when it was just the 3 of us

We rescued Gretel from a crazy neighbour who didn't want her latest litter of kittens and when we took her home she didn't eat for days until we fed her a little piece of turkey that she gobbled down, from then on she loved her food.

Growing up she loved hiding anywhere and everywhere, from drawers to the tops of door frames and under desks, she was always exploring a new place to hide and play.

We never had any problems toilet training her, she was such a good girl, using her litter box from day 1 and always behaving well. She never liked sleeping alone and even buying her different beds she always preferred our bed, in winter she would curl up right in-between us, even on our pillows sometimes, snoring her little head off.

If she didn't want to sleep she would hunt down her favourite toy "christmas toy" and run around the house with him in her mouth howling and trying to show us what she had "caught". When she was a kitten she had a favourite toy, just a plain simple felt ball that she carried everywhere, she used to drop it in her water and food bowl often, it became so crusty and hard but she still loved it, one day it dissapeared and although we bought her ball after ball, she never replaced "bally".

As she got older she adapted well to becoming and outdoor cat and then and indoor one again, she always loved lying in the sun on her back warming her belly, people often couldn’t believe a cat would lay the way she used to and be comfortable, it was like her own special yoga.

When we got a little dog she was never far away, always watching over her little sister, in almost every picture of our dog you can see Gretel somewhere in the background.

In her last few years she became even more talkative and affectionate,  always lying with us by the heater or crying for us if we were in separate rooms, she loved being around us and would get snarly when other people were around, when we went out she would snuggle up to our clothes in the closet and when we were up working all night she would snuggle patiently by our side keeping us company. She was never far away from us.

Her passing was very quick, one day we noticed she hadn't eaten or drunk and we became concerned, taking her to the vet was a big decision as she hated the vets and turned into a snarly, growly cat when there, but when she hadn't eaten for 2 days we knew it was time to see the vet.

She was diagnosed with liver disease and pancreatitis issues, she also had a lump under her little arm. She stayed in hospital for 1 night but still wouldn't eat. The vet was very respectful and helped us make the hardest decision we have ever had to make.

We got to spend 1 lovely hour with her in a special room, all wrapped up in her favourite blanket, we calmed her down and reassured her, she kept trying to creep into our laps but the drip in her arm made it difficult for her to move. She kept smooching her head into our hands and even drifted into a light sleep every now and again, we are so happy we got to say goodbye like this, not over a steel table in a vets office.

When we said goodbye she looked as peaceful as she did when she curled up to us at night and she will be in our hearts forever. It's so scary imagining our life without our little baby but we know she’s no longer in pain and is with her kitty friends Katie Lou and Evan who she loved following around and annoying when she was a mischievous kitten.

We wish there was a way to give back to Gretel what she gave to us but I don't think anything will ever match how much she gave us just by being her cute little self.

We love you Gretel, you were more special then you will ever know, We would have loved to have with us a little longer but we know you were in pain and needed some help on your way, we will see you again and we will never forget you, we promise. thank you little girl.

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