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For Chardy

8 Feb 1999 - 26 Feb 2011
Nicknames: Chardy, Chards, Dardy, Fatty
Age: 12
Pet Type: Golden Retriever
Lived: Victoria
Author: keithhodson
Favourite Things

Food, couch, our bed, car.

Best Qualities

Loving, loyal, Friendly, Stunning.

I’ve lost part of the family. Our friends knew from day one that if they were kind enough to invite us over that you came too, and on all but a few occasions you did. Even for a ten minute trip to the shop you were happy to be in the car with me.

You were easy to train, happy to learn and a pleasure to be with, I swear you knew what I was thinking and I like to think that most of the time I knew what you were thinking too. You never judged me, were never sad and oh the way you strutted when you walked.

I miss seeing the way you would stand back and suss things out before joining in and I miss the way you, a retriever, dislike getting wet.

Your wants were few, good food, a place to sleep beside our bed and love, what you gave in return cannot be measured and will never be forgotten.

I still wrestle with the decision, was the time right? Could I have done more?

One thing is certain, you were my best friend and we were a great team. I will miss you for ever. Another dog will fill the gaping hole in my life and no doubt will attach itself to me in a new way, but will never ever replace you.

Life goes on Chards and the sun comes up each day – but it’s not as bright..


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