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My Darling Angel

1 March 1993 - 19 August 2011
Nicknames: Till, angel, baby
Age: 18
Pet Type: Beautiful moggie, tabby & white
Lived: Victoria
Author: Robbie
Favourite Things

Mickey Mouse blanket, old christmas hamper to sleep in, chicken, sunshine, and her favourite thing of all time was me

Best Qualities

Affectionate, loved being cuddled on her back for hours, understanding, loyal, patient and she loved us

My darling Tilly

You came into our lives when we needed you most - you were the baby I never had and no matter what I went through you were there always to give me unconditional love. You seemed to know when I came home after the IVF came up on the bed, licked me, looked at me and meowed. From that moment on even as a kitten yourself, you had an uncanny knack of knowing when I needed you and the support and love you gave me was amazing.

Through the years, you were always there for us and I have never ever experienced such a bond with all the furry friends I've had, you were so so special my angel. I'm so sorry I wasn't with you when you passed away, I failed you my darling and it will go with me to my grave. Just know that I love you dearly and I miss you more than you will ever know. The house is so empty without your sweet face, your gorgeous gentle nature and your little meow. I want you so much my Tilly that life is hard to cope with. I miss the cuddles I used to give you on your back, we stayed like that for hours and the way you looked at me with so much love, it used to rattle my soul and brought tears to my eyes. I felt the love you had for me. Even at the computer with you sitting by my side on a chair, I could see your reflection in the computer screen which also made my heart swell. I could see the love in your eyes just willing me to turn around.

I miss you sleeping in the crook of my arm at night and licking my hand early morning to wake me up. Life will never be the same without my baby angel and one day I hope to be cuddling you again my darling.

Rest in peace my gorgeous girl, I love and miss you so much.

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