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Tribute to Angus

16th October, 1997 - 24th June, 2011
Nicknames: Pangy, Angy Pangy, Cheeky Chops, Stinky Dog, Wombat
Age: 13
Pet Type: West Highland White Terrier
Lived: Gold Coast
Author: Patsy
Favourite Things

Tummy Rubs, Catching Tennis Balls, Chasing Lizards, Chilling in the Sunshine, Chicken, Chicken, and more Chicken!

Best Qualities

Loving, Affectionate, Cheeky, Human in a dog's body

I never wanted this day to come, but knew it was going to be sooner that later.

We miss you so much gorgeous boy, you were my best mate and shadow. I still expect to see you wandering out to greet us when the garage door rolls up or help me take the rubbish out because that was the signal to go hunt for lizards hiding under the wheelie bin. I miss my four-legged vacuum cleaner who was always willing to rid the kitchen floor of crumbs.

You brought so much happiness to our lives. Your never-ending love, your infectious personality. You have left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. We feel so blessed to have shared close to fourteen wonderful years together.

Life is not the same without you. We will never forget you beautiful boy.

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