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My lovely girl

16.4.1999 - 15.7.2011
Nicknames: Bon Bon, Little Pea, Lovely Girl
Age: 12
Pet Type: Boxer
Lived: Newcastle
Author: Shellb71
Favourite Things

Anything to do with water, Plastic bottles, Soccer, Cuddles, Walks, Car, Blankie, Choc treats,

Best Qualities

Always a happy smiley face, Loving and affectionate, Protecting me, Companion, Helper dog

My beautiful girl I miss you so much. It breaks my heart everyday to come home and not find you patiently waiting at the door for me, happy and excited that mummy is home. You were always the "helper dog", no matter what I was doing you were there with me, the garden, cooking, cleaning, washing the car, cleaning the pool, always by my side, my shadow.  You were such a smart girl, having to spell out words because you knew so many, if I accidently said walk or car or swim you would go crazy going in circle with your smiley face on...what a lovely girl!  

You always knew when I was cooking a batch of your special dinner, how spoilt you were and how much you loved it. I loved how you used to go to your cupboard where your food was kept , I would say where is your smacko? and you would paw at the door - such a clever girl. You made me laugh so much with some of the funny little things that you did. I would ask you if you were coldie and you would shiver every time and look at me with your sady face just so that you could have you lovely warm PJs on - so cute!  I bet you don`t miss Stanley (the budgie) , he was always annoying you, trying to bite you on the toes. 

You were always there for me , my best friend, always come to give me affection when I was sad, just lean on me.  I miss the weekends the most when you used to come and jump up on my bed for cuddles in the morning before I got up, like you knew it was the weekend.  We would go for a walk everyday when I got home from work, if we didn`t  you would be sighing and dissapointed. You loved your toys so much, rabbit, sweaker, chicken and the soccer ball - you were the socceroo!! But your favourite was the plastic bottles.

You had the most wonderful happy and healthy life but it was all taken away from us so quickly. You just didnt seem yourself , a little bit sad like something wasnt right. I took you to the vet with a feeling in my gut that was bad and when I got the phone call to say that you had a brain tumor my heart just broke in two.  I had you for a few more weeks as you went blind and deaf and starting to loose you balance. As things got worse I had to make the hardest decision of my life to make that final ride in the car. I spent the last 2 days with you all day giving you so many cuddles and kisses and treats, you had BBQ chicken on that last day for lunch your favourite.  I held you to your last breath and didn`t want to let you go my lovely soft girl. How I miss your smell, your cuddles, your smile...just everything about you. The pain of loosing you I can`t put into words, it`s just heartbreaking but I had to do what was best for you as much as I didn`t want to let you go.  I think it hurts so much as you were in such good condition for a 12 year old boxer, the vet and everyone used to comment on it, then to loose you to the same disease that took my mum from me as well, it`s just cruel.  

I hope you are with Nanny now having cuddles and lots of treats. I have your ashes with me and see your photo everyday.  I will never forget you my baby girl, I miss you and will love you forever. Thank you Bonny for all of the joy and unconditional love you gave me.  

Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge....big kisses for you!!!

Love mummy xxx



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