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Blue eyed wolf

24th Jan 1998 - 15th Oct 2011
Nicknames: Tubs
Age: 13
Pet Type: Siberian Husky
Author: Johnny
Favourite Things

TV, couch, walks, roast dinner at Nana's, howling, music

Best Qualities

Loving, smiley, cuddly

Shyla was an important part of my life and my familys life. Shyla taught me how to smile and find some happiness in life even through the hardest of times.

Shyla loved the simple things in life, walks, belly rubs, roast dinners, cuddles and TV.

Every evening Shyla and I would share the couch, unfortunately it was only a two seater which didn't leave me much room. So most times I would end up with Shyla's head in my lap while she snored through yet another movie. I'm going to miss that most of total peace feeling her breath, so fragile and so beautiful.

I stayed with Shyla holding her as she passed, I felt her go, and I felt my heart break.

Shyla was my best friend, she will be sorely missed by me and my family.

I take some comfort in knowing that you are once again together with your Shadow.

Rest in peace beautiful.


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