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my dearest Ebony

not sure, got her january 05 - 23.8.11
Nicknames: Eb's, fatty, fatty mumma, ebunani, nini,
Age: 7
Pet Type: Dwarf Rabbit
Lived: my house
Author: jessica123
Favourite Things

she loved eating toilet rolls and throwing wood across her cage, she also loved most fruits and vegies

Best Qualities

she had a BIG attitude, but she was the type of bunny who would run up to you and sit on your lap

my dearest Ebony,

i bought her as a mate for my male rabbit 'nick' , she had a thing against guineapigs and so the guinea pig living with nick had to be separated from them, at 4 months old ebony had her first litter of babies. ebony always did what ever she felt like and would let you know if she didnt like you being around her, but she was always friendly. all up she had 22 babies, i was only 11-12.

after 3-4 years of age i stopped breeding ebs' , she always had phantom pregnancies, she loved to run around and would always play a game of making me chase her around the yard in order to catch her, then when she actually wanted to go back in her cage she'd simply lie down and wait for me to pick her up, she was very cheeky.

when we got our cattle dog puppy ebony was terrified of her, but soon enough ebony was the one chasing the puppy and nipping her when she came too close, she absolutely hated our new labrador pup who wasnt bothered by the scratching and biting that eb's gave her

ebony was like a dog, she had a mind of her own, she was inquisitive, loved to eat and was overweight for quite some years (while she was a breeder rabbit) she re-absorbed a couple of litters aswell, which was disapointing as i loved when she had babies,but none of this was her fault.

ebony had a great life and i was always playing with her and caring for her, clipping her nails, keeping her cool during summer, cleaning her cage, giving her fresh fruits and vegies etc

on the 23rd of june 2011, i noticed that ebony had brown fluid coming out of one of her teats, i assumed it was a mastitis infection, took her to the vet to get some antibiotics, but the vet said something was seriously wrong as ebony had milk coming out of her other teats, this meant her hormones were raging which basically only meant one thing- cancer(adenocarcinoma of the uterus).

i took her home with some antibiotics just incase the teat was infected, from then on Ebony deteriorated quickly, from being a stocky but healthy rabbit, to skin and bone, feeling her spine was like drapping a cloth over bones, she felt horrible, her eating increased and i had to milk her to relieve her teats of any discomfort, i could then feel a tumour growing along one of her mamary glands. the vet said that breast cancer was common after getting a reproductive cancer, i decided not to get treatment as the vet said she wouldnt be able to search for cancer anywhere else in the body, it was risky to knock a 6 and a half year old rabbit out,because CPR  is hard to do on a rabbit as they cannot be hooked up to a life support machine, they can just be given oxygen. ebonys arthritis was starting to take over and i felt that if i did get her surgery it would just prolong her painful aging. she was still active and ran around, even towards her last days, you'd think she was only young, but towards the end she became super aggressive, the vet said her increased eating would mean she has a brain tumour on the pituatory gland, or the cancers taking all her nutrients therefore no weight gain.

on the afternoon of the 23rd of august 2011 i finally made the painful decision to put ebony out of pain, i rang the vet and said i was coming i then took photos and videos of eb and gave her carrot, i felt like i was in shock,at the vet they took ebony away from me, and came back saying that the needle had upset her a little bit, i then sat there for 35min while ebony slowly fell asleep(the drug takes alot longer in rabbits as its not injected into a vein ) she started making noises and i felt her heart struggle against the drug, my dad left the room to say that ebony needed more of the drug, when he walked out thats when ebonys heart stopped, it was just her and her mummy sitting together in peace, after she'd gone she started to quiver and vibrate, but there was no heart beat, i was extremely emotional, we then took her home and buried her in my front yard, i have photos of her up on my walls and a little tribute to her on my shelf, she was my baby, i love her so so much and miss her dearly,

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