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to my little echo

5 may 2011 - 27 may 2011
Nicknames: he didnt live long enough for me to think of one
Age: 0
Pet Type: budgie
Author: jessica123
Favourite Things

Best Qualities

very needy and affectionate

i asked dad if i could hand raise another one of his budgies, he knew i was experienced in this and so he said yes, i then picked out the eldest budgie, who was around 3 weeks old, i had no idea of what to call him. i took him home and he lived in a breeding box in my room, he was very needy and greedy, he would always whistle back if i whistled to him, on the fourth morning of caring for him i decided to call him echo, since his reply to my whistles, was like an echo, then two hours later he suddenly showed signs of sickness, i picked him up and he took a deep breath and died in my hand, i was totally heart broken, although id only owned him for 4 days, i was extremely attached to him, he was my little study buddy and i regret ever taking him out of the nest although the vet says it sounds like he had a developmental problem, he was such a sweety and i miss him

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