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my tribute to cody

27 june 1998 - 20 october 2011
Nicknames: poochie, mapsie, brownie
Age: 13
Pet Type: staffy cross
Author: vanessab
Favourite Things

her comfornator 8000 she loved to sleep in it all day

Best Qualities

when we played together she knew it was only playing and would not hurt me,when i was sick you would always be there

Cody you were my best friend that I will love forever

I know now that you are happy and free of all your pain running around up there with your old mate winky.

The love that I have for you will never die and even though it hurts me now i know that you are here beside me, I keep hearing you walking around on the floorboards, but I'm not scared I just want to see you again and when that time comes I know that you will be waiting for me with Winky giving me big kisses and cuddles and I will hold you so tight just like I did at the end of your life here on earth.

I know its only been a day without you here but it is so quite, like I was having breakfast this morning (your favourite peanut butter on toast)and it felt weird that i ate all of it cause you would always ask for the very last piece and I would always give into you cause you had that face that I could not say no too.

One day in the future I will get another dog but only when you find one for me, I will love just as much as you cause i know that you have sent have sent him/her to me and thats what will make them special.

What a great 13 years I have spent with you and I can't wait to see you again.

but now is your time to do what ever you want

Love you forever and ever Brownie don't forget me


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