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My precious angel, Peta

Not sure - 23 Oct 11
Nicknames: Little
Age: 13
Pet Type: Cross Maltese dog
Lived: Sydney
Author: Judes1974
Favourite Things

FOOD! :) Lying on the floor upstairs, being with her special mummy (my partner), cuddles from her yia-yia (my Mum).

Best Qualities

Affectionate, sweet, gentle, smart, cheeky, cute as anything!

My beautiful Peta.  I hope you know how much we loved you and always will and how devastated we are by your loss.  You touched more hearts than you probably will ever know.

Your passing has been such a shock. Literally 2 weeks ago you were fine.  We had no idea what was about to hit us with such a force. That first seizure was very scary. We rushed you to the vet and they gave us the options as to what it could be, casually throwing in "brain tumour" and telling us the treatment options. We tried so hard to get you better, or at the very least comfortable and keep those seizures under control. But the more meds we gave you, the more frequent those horrible seizures became.

I will never forget you and I highly doubt I will ever get over you. I keep thinking about the cheeky things you would do (like rolling around in dirty underwear - eeww) and I smile and giggle... and then I cry because I realise that I'll never see that again. I hope and I pray that you will visit us in our dreams and on our walks with your brother, Godfrey. I hope I get to hear your little yelp again when people who came to the door gave you a little shock.

Peta, my sweet, beautiful baby girl. We love you so very much. Enjoy your new life - make sure you catch up with Patchy and Scottie and give them our love too.

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