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My Tribute to Jack

March 1995 - 8 October 2011
Nicknames: Piggy, Puppy
Age: 16
Pet Type: Jack Russell X Corgi
Lived: Adelaide
Author: critchsu
Favourite Things

Sleeping, going for his daily walks, chasing our new cat! eating morning tea and lunch with his grandparents every day

Best Qualities

Beautiful, loyal dog who had such a great personality and gave such joy to everyone in our lives

Jack was the most beautiful dog you could want, he had such personality and was loved by everyone who met him.

I miss him so deeply and still can't believe he is gone. 

It has left a big hole in my heart and I just wish so much I could have him back but he's at peace now and I'm grateful for the 16+ years I had with him. 

Just wish I could have those years back again and I would hug him and tell him how much I loved him.

When he went downhill I had a few special days to do that with him and I'm so grateful I had that time.

Pets are so special, and I will always love Jack forever, will never forget you babe x

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