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For My Lolly

09 Aug 2008 - 27 Oct 2011
Nicknames: Muffin, moo moo and Lolly pop, lolly wolly
Age: 3
Pet Type: Dog
Lived: Canberra
Author: lizsaunders
Favourite Things

Walks, cuddles, playing in the ocean, rivers etc loved to chase the ripples of the water playing under the hose, her dad

Best Qualities

Very sweet dog knew how to turn on the charm, very protective of her brother Ned, only she was aloud to rouse on him!

My Dearest Moo moo (or muffin as your Da called you), Life in our family will never be the same with out you. I hope you feel at ease now and know that we love you very much.

The day I picked you up they said you had character and didn't you ever. I named you Lolly as you were the sweetest puppy I had ever seen. After 48 hours of having you home my thoughts were very different. You were a stubborn naughty little girl! Your Daddy came home two weeks latter and I took you to the airport to collect him. I had not seen your Dad for about five months and when he seen you my little Lolly I may as well have not been there. You two had a very special bond and I am sorry it had to end so soon.

You were out to get me Lolly I knew that. You only ate my things including $1500 dollars worth of shoes we had to get Neil a police dog trainer to help me manage you. Not your Da though, he said jump Lolly said how high! Needless to say you were not impressed but we got there in the end didn't we moo moo and you melted your way right into my heart.

Bullterriers are known to be stubborn and arrogant but it is said that they are not smart. Well I beg to differ. A dog like Lolly with stubborness arrogance and intellagence made for a very entertaining three years. You excelled at puppy school but you only did things when it suited you that made me smile always on Lolly's terms, well that is how you prefered things.

Almost a year ago I lost you in the bush for two hours, you found me in the end. The next day you went into shock and you almost died. We still don't know what happened but you were never the same. For a while you would not even go on your walks if you thought we were going you turned into a sared little mess. I am sorry for that Lolly and I wish more than anything that we could of helped you and it was not for lack of trying muffin believe me.

You will be with us forever we only have to look at your brother Ned to remember you. I have asked Ned if he could hang around for a long time to be with me as I could not handle loosing both of you at a youg age so you maynot meet again for awhile.

Love you Muffin with every cell in my body Mummy xx 

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