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RIP Mikki Mik

Adopted her 5 years ago - 28/10/2011
Nicknames: Mikki Mik, Mik Mik
Age: 16
Pet Type: Short haired Cat
Lived: Tasmania
Author: MichelleJesson
Favourite Things

Food, walkies catching mice, sunbathing

Best Qualities

Sweet,loving, affecionate

created at: 08 11 11

Dear little Mikki Mik, we adopted you when we bought the house as the previous owners were going to shoot you if we didn't want you. You were such a sweet little girl who could not believe her luck when she got regular meals and lovies. You would dribble lots when we picked you up for cuddles and purr your head off.

When you caught a mouse you would stomp up and down outside singing a little song to let everyone know what a clever girl you were.

You would come for walkies with me when I went to fed the pigs/check the mail/put out the rubbish.

Even when we took the dogs for walkies you would be there right by our side, no matter what we were doing if we were fencing/gardening whatever you were such a sweet puss.

The last couple of months you had seemed a bit doddery on your feet, which we sort of expected for your age. You will be sadly missed by us and your fourlegged friends.

Thanks for the joy you gave us, we know we gave you the best 5 years you had in your whole life, we just wish we could have spoilt you for longer. xx

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