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My Tribute to Dusty

- 4th July 2011
Nicknames: Dust, Mr Mouse
Pet Type: Chow Chow x Red Heeler
Author: Angelicnamo
Favourite Things

You loved your playing with balls and frisbees. You loved Walks, puppychinos, BBQ's cuddles. Kisses.

Best Qualities

Dusty was so affectionate. He was quite protective yet so gentle. cuddly. Loved giving kisses. and snuggles.

Dusty you were a small fluffy brown cuddly little puppy.  So cheeky and loving.  You loved your frisbee and playing with balls.  You always amazed us.  Hiding so you didnt have to go outside In places so small you wouldnt normally fit.  You  faked injuries to get treats.  You knew the level of softness in everyone and that was your order to sit next to at meal times.  You loved the usual things like steak and sausages etc. You loved fresh crabs and prawns Even occasionally crayfish but i wont let anyone if you wont :)

You loved going for a walk on the weekends. it meant a walk and stopping for a coffee and a meal. and that usually meant you got some muffin or bacon etc.  If we had a takeaway coffee you would get the froth off the lid :)  I used to take you to maccas and you would so delicately eat a soft serve cone. You would help yourself to the fresh peas in the garden.  Yet you loved frozen peas and corn.  Cook Zuchinni on the BBQ and most foods we cooked like chicken filos.

The time I had friends over  and you had to run past with my bra.  You'd talk and tell us if you wanted something.  we would ask you to show us. sometime it was 3rd draw of the freezer (icecream) or cupboard a treat :)

The day you died, part of me died. I still cry most days, I miss you dearly.  we did so much together.  Now i still make things and be half explacting you to Lick my leg that you would do when you liked what i was doing "love you dont forget to make enough for me LIX' :) 

You had such a personality. always jumping into someone chair as soon as they got up especially outside.  You would put a paw on the table and lift you head a bit as if to say "hey whats up" just little things these days set me off and I shed happy tears.   Includingy our last meal of chinese. mmm  honey prawns etc. I recieved a lick from you when I had to do the hardest thing in life.  Saying goodbye.  I didnt want you to stay in pain But i didnt want you do go either.  I told you I loved you very very much and that I had to say goodbye.. thats if he you could understand me through my crying and tears.  I said you can stay as long as you like or come and visit when ever you want. your always welcome.   

You must of loved us so much as one day not long after.. a few of us saw the bed sheet lift up in one spot Just like when they did when you walked under it and dragged the clothesline around a little bit.  Yet it was dead calm.  That made ma cry and smile at the same time.  There has been a few things thats happened and its a sign u loved us.

Every day I miss you.. I love you very much. Xxoo  Everyone that knew you had their heart broken when you passed away.  But we all have super special memories of a 1 in a billion Human dog. I am blessed to have spent time with you. fallen in love with you.  laughed with you. Cried with you.  

In younger years you used to catch mice, hence a part reason of your nickname Mr Mouse.  When you matured you would run and look wth me. then look at me as if to say. "yeah your right it is a mouse arent you going to get it." and would just watch as i got it.

You were a perfect Handsome Cheeky Angel. you just had naughty moments.  Christmas is going to be especially hard.  First year where I give just one present. To your furr sister Akiah.   You both would sit eaglerly around me.. help me open the present and then speak and shake and get a piece of the present. 

You have touched my heart and life forever Dusty and you will always continue to do so.

though you see me sad offten its just cos i love you so very much and the pain has not lessened any yet.

Until we meet again.. big lix kisses and snuggles. xoxoxoxoxox etc


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