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My Tribute to Champ

10-24-1997 - 09-18-2006
Nicknames: Champie, Champers, Chompers, Champer Campers, Campo Finiki, Campo Finikinikiniki
Age: 9
Pet Type: Dog
Lived: Home on the farm.
Author: deerridge30
Favourite Things

A toy frog that croaked, a toy cow that mooed, and his pillow.

Best Qualities

He was a true gentleman. Affectionate, cuddly, and extremely loyal to the end.

It's been 5 years this year since I've lost Champ, and I'm not gonna lie, I still get emotional thinking about him. I knew him since he was 6 days old, and we had a bond that is hard to describe. He was in all ways my soul mate. He knew what I was thinking and feeling without me even saying anything. Hours before he first got sick, I had a dream that I'll never forget. To make it short, I believe it was his way of telling me that he was dying, there wasn't anything I could do for him, but he wanted me to take care of Sweet'ums (my other dog). Shortly after that dream, he started bringing up bile. I couldn't bring myself to put him down though, for three weeks I tried to save him. Countless vet appointments, giving him pedialyte every 20 minutes by a teaspoon so he wouldn't get dehydrated...nothing worked. The morning he died, he had worked his way into Mom's room, said goodbye to her, and then was trying to get to me to say goodbye but he just didn't make it.

I'll never forget his loyalty. Even during those three weeks, he would go on photo excursions with me. Which was not an easy task because he weighed 140 lbs. I never asked him to come with me. He just would slowly walk to the truck and wait for me to help him up in it. I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but I know that he still looks out for me. On days that I'm very stressed or moody, or if I hear one of the songs that I heard right after he died (Far Away from Nickelback) a single white feather will come floating down from nowhere. I still have dreams where I know in some way he's trying to communicate with me. It could be wishful thinking, or it could mean that even though he's gone from this world, our souls still have a tight bond that will never be shattered.

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