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My tribute to Blacky

Nicknames: Blackster
Age: 10
Pet Type:
Lived: Darwin
Author: mcgee_noble
Favourite Things

Us, the couch, the sun

Best Qualities

Friendly, cuddly, compassionate.

This is my tribute to my lovely dog Blacky. We got her from the pound when she was just a puppy. When we got her, we all put names in a hat and picked one out- it was my mum who suggested Blacky. It kind of worked as our other pets were Bluey the blue budgerie, snowy the white rabbit and sunshine the yellow budgie. Yep, we were very imaginative with our pet names.

Blacky used to have the run of the streets in Darwin, we'd go to school and she'd trot off and do the rounds (back then dogs could roam pretty much wherever). She always made sure to be back at the same time we were from school so we could play.

Blacky was the very first dog i really loved, and she's the reason why i will always have dogs as pets. I hope my kids are lucky enough to have a dog as great as she was.

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