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In memory of the sweetest furboy ever born..

November 8, 2009 - November 12, 2011
Nicknames: Kaspy, Kaspy-woo, Furry-boy, Baby-boy
Age: 2
Pet Type: Cat
Lived: Melbourne, Victoria
Author: Alicia
Favourite Things

His big sister Maisie, the bedroom windowsill, splashing in the water bowls, sleeping under the covers.

Best Qualities

Sweet, gentle, loving, friendly, playful, joyful, innocent, angelic, cheeky, funny, vocal, kind.

My sweet boy Kaspy,

You truly were a fur-covered angel and I will miss you always.

You were gifted with the most amazing of personalities. Your specialist even said you had enough personality for two cats. It seems so unfair that your little body was not able to keep up with you.

I have wondered how much one little cat was supposed to take, but you took it with humility and a wonderful spirit that touched everyone who met you.

You were the sweetest, kindest, most gentle little boy I have ever known.

I miss your loud meow in the middle of the night, telling the household you're awake and it's time to play. I miss waking up to see you on the pillow next to me, or under the covers.

You gave me so many wonderful memories, some funny, some just happy.

I will never forget the shrieking meow I heard from halfway down the street the day the neighbour was doing work in the backyard. I'm sure he wasn't amused, but it made me laugh to know that you had been sitting at the window yelling at him for an hour, telling him to get out of your garden!

Making the decision to let you go was the hardest decision of my life. But it was something I had to do for you. You were tired and frustrated and working so hard to breathe, even with the oxygen. Your attack was so terrifying that I couldn't forgive myself if you went through something so horrible again.

I hope you know that I was there with you, holding you as you went to sleep. I hope you know that there is nothing I wouldn't have done to make you better if a cure had been possible.

Thank you for being the furry little light of my life for almost two years. Your strength in your final two months amazes me and inspires me.

I will miss you always, sweet boy.


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