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My girl Lucy

1993 - 2008
Nicknames: Goose
Age: 15
Pet Type: Beagle Foxhound Cross
Lived: Melbourne
Author: Fiona101
Favourite Things

Dinner, Walkies, Sleeping, Chewing Bones, Sitting with the Chooks, Laying around with her family

Best Qualities

Lucy was ruled by her love for us and food. She was the most beautiful loving dog ever to walk this earth.

Lucy was the most loved and cherised dog.  More than a dog, she was an integral part of the family.  She loved her two boys and me, it shone from her eyes.  She loved to be with us and had many family holidays with us either camping or in the caravan.  Nothing made her sad, she had knee surgery twice, a small cancer removed from her leg yet battled on for fifteen years and one month.   She loved food and could be roused from deep deep sleep in another room by the mere rattle of plastic or the ping of the microwave.  She was a true stickybeak and would spend ages peering under the gate or watching through the curtains.  When we had chickens, she would become their mother, following them around and keeping an eye on them.  She was particularly fond of their freshly laid eggs and many a day would eat them all before I got to them.  She had been abused and hit by a car when we adopted her from the RSPCA.  The $101 to rescue her was the best money I ever spent.  She leaves a huge hole in our heart that almost four years later has barely healed.

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